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Entries from 01/05/2011

Entries from May 01 to June 10, 2011
8º DesaFrio Urubici – 52Km

Individual Registration Fee - R $ 130.00 until 24/05/2011 and R $ 160.00 from 25.05 to 10.06.2011

Pairs Registration Fee - R $ 230.00 up to 24/05/2011 and R $ 280.00 from 25/05 to 10/06/2011

SPECIAL DISCOUNT Athlete Single-athlete who participated in previous years - R$ 7,00 per year

SPECIAL DISCOUNT Athlete Individual-Group - R$ 7,00 per athlete for the representative of the group.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT Athlete Single- payment in cash made in person at Echo Floripa office -R$ 12,00.

DISCOUNT SPECIAL PAIRS - athlete who participated in previous years - R$ 6.00 per year (PER PERSON)

DISCOUNT SPECIAL PAIRS - payment made in cash in person at Echo Floripa -R$ 10,00 (per person).


Make banking payment:

Ecofloripa Eventos Esportivos
CNPJ: 04.107.594/0001-95

Banco do Brasil:
Ag :1453-2
C / C: 10186-9
Banco Bradesco
Agency: 2186-5 - c / c: 34665-9
Roberto Carlos Duarte

Address: Rua Carlos Alberto Campos, 205
88040-460, Florianopolis - SC - Brazil

Phone / fax: (48) 3233.6822 Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PLEASE NOTE: The registration of athletes will only be processed upon receipt of a registration form complete with the payment details.On the site below registration forms can be found. In the Pairs category two registration forms must be completed,one for each athlete.
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