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8º DesaFrio Urubici – 52Km


1 - Desafrio Urubici has the following categories::

Men                                                   Women                                         Doubles

M1 - 18 to 24 years old                   F1 - 18 to 29 anos                     DM – Male pair

M2 - 25 to 29 years old                   F2 - 30 to 39 anos                     DF – Female pair

M3 - 30 to 34 years old                   F3 - 40 to 49 anos                     DMi- Mixed

M4 - 35 to 39 years old                   F4 - 50 or older

M5 - 40 to 44 years old

M6 - 45 to 49 years old

M7 - 50 to 54 years old

M8 - 55 to 59 years old

M9 - 60 or older


In the PAIR category, a competitor runs 24.8 kilometers upphill and the other returns 25.8 kilometers to finish. These athletes have the same rights as others, such as medal, shirt, dinner and awards. Trophies for the first 3 pairs (regardless of age). There will be transportation to the transition area.
In this category you must fill out two registration forms, one for each competitor.

2 - The minimum age for participation is 18 years (completed in 2011).

3 - The course is not flat with a lot of uphill and downhill running in cold weather.
The start and finsh is in the city center of Urubici with an altitude of 900m. The runners reach the Church Hill (1826m altitude), which is the highest point in southern Brazil.

4 - In June the average temperature is 15 ° C with the low close to zero and the maximum around 25 ° C. In Church Hill has registered a record temperature of -17 ° C. It snows often in winter and usually has strong winds.

5 - The 50km route was measured with GPS. There are 27.5 kilometers in packed dirt road, 2.5 km of trails and 20 km of concrete.

6 - Every runner will carry during the race the following mandatory equipment: 1 bandage, 1 survival blanket. It will not be compulsory to carry water, but it is advisable for the slower runners, taking into account that some water points are 7 to 8 miles apart.
The athlete should also bring in your luggage: pair of gloves, hat, long underwear, jacket and pants (the use these garments will be decided on the eve of the race during the technical congress, depending on the local temperature).

7 - The delivery of the kit / equipment check will be mandatory on 18/06/2010 from 15 to 19 hours, the Urubici Park Hotel.

8 - There will be a technical meeting on 18/06/2010 at 19.00 in the auditorium of Urubici Park Hotel.

9 - The start will take place in downtown Urubici (next to the Sports Hall Gym) at 7:30, for all categories.
The finshline will be in the city center, in front of the Urubici Park Hotel.

10 - On June 19 there will be a "check-in at the start, in order to verify the required equipment.

11 - The race will be end at 5 PM, so there are 9:30hrs to complete the race. Athletes will be disqualified if they are found running slower than 11:12 min / km

12 - There will be checkpoints in several parts of the route.

13 - At kilometer 7, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 42 and 47 there will be water stations. Km 15, 25, 35 and the finsh will have water, isotonic, coca-cola, fruit, crackers, sweets and soup (broth). For the remaining places there will be just water.

14 - Every athlete who decides to retire from the competition must report it immediately to a staff person from the organization.

15 - The whole route will be marked with Eco Floripa ribbons, with arrows painted on the ground and staff of the organization lining stretches of streets. The athlete should be aware of these signs, especially in places "far from civilization." There will be a mileage card or painted mark on the ground every km.

16 - All athletes should provide assistance to fellow athletes who are injured or feeling ill and notify someone in the organization immediately.

17 - It is the duty of the athletes to preserve vegetation and not to leave any trash on the course.

18 - There will be medical support on arrival and throughout the route. If the medical department finds that an athlete is unable to continue the race, they should abandon it.

19 - The awards ceremony and dinner party is for all registered athletes on June 27th at 18:30 in Urubici Park Hotel. Friends and family members interested in the dinner party need to pay separately.

20 - The athlete will be disqualified if:
1- Fails to pass any of the checkpoints;
2- Uses any means of transport during the race;
3- Is diagnosed to have health problems that put them at risk;
4- Not carrying the required equipment;

21 - The athlete will be punished with an additional 30 minutes on his final time if:
1- Found littering in any place;
2- Does not provide assistance to another athlete on the course or communicate this to the organization;
3- Not present at check-in at the start, eventhough it was proven later that they ran the course;
4- Carries only part of the equipment required;

22 - This year there is a limit of 250 athletes participating in the race;

- T-shirt to all participants;
- Medal for every athlete to complete the race;
- Trophy for the top 5 overall male and female (only individual);
- Trophy for the first 3 in each category;
- Trophy for the first 3 Mens, womens, and mixed pairs;
- Gifts for the top 5 finishers overall in Male and Female, depending on the sponsors (only individual);
- Raffle gifts among all the athletes present at the awards ceremony
- Draw for 5 team entries for Volta à Ilha ASICS 2012. The winners shall pay on the spot a fee of $ 120.00 per team to secure the place. At later date they must pay the remainder of the subscription.


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