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8º DesaFrio Urubici – 52Km

The organization will be providing a bus to transport athletes from Florianopolis to the city of Urubici.The bus will leave the Florianopolis airport at 9am. It will also leave the OLD bus terminal in Florianopolis at 9.30am Friday (18/06/2010). This old terminal is 500m from the current terminal. The return from Uribici will be 9.30am on Sunday (20/06/2010). These times may be subject to minor changes if it is in the interest to the group. Those interested should make reservations and pay for the round trip ticket while registering for the race. The value of this transportation will be R$ 60,00 per athlete and R$ 70,00 for family or friends and should be done in advance (until 10.06.2010).

There is a regular bus from Florian?polis p / Urubici (AGGREGATE - (48) 3224-3727) at 11.45 and 18.30 and the price is R$ 35,60. The schedules from Urubici to Florianopolis is 18.15 and Sunday at 17.10. Another option is renting a car in Florianopolis, for special prices: R $ _, 00 km aday with free kilometers and insurance. Contact Via Mar (48) 3223.2222 or by site www.viamar.srv.br

From Urubici there will be a bus on race day going to the Church Hill (pairs exchange area) to transport the pairs athletes. It will wait until the last athlete arrives at the transition area to transport the entire group back to the city center. It is recommended that the athlete who finishes his race at Church Hill, takes or leaves a coat on the bus, because the transiton area on top of the hill is very cold.

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