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General Rules 2011
10th Praias e Trilhas Challenge - 84Km

1 - The total distance is 84km (all measured with GPS), 42.2 km per day. On the 1st day are 21.3 km of beaches, trails and 14.8 km 5.0 km of roads. On the second day of beach 21.6 km, 17.2 km of trails, 1.6 miles of road, 0.9 km of dunes and 0.9 km of coastline (see details in altimetry), on the route.

2A - Individual
2B - Team of three riders.
Each runner will make a route per day.
Day 1:
Athlete 1: to 17.3 km
Athlete 2: to 9.8 km
Athlete 3: 15 km
Day 2:
Athlete 1: to 10.8 km
Athlete 2: 14.4 km
Athlete 3: to 10.3 km
The last 6.7 km could be covered by any of the runners.
The sequence of the runners in each day can be different.
The exchanges should be carried out at checkpoints.
If there are problems that prevent an athlete from the team to run, it may be replaced by any other team. If any athlete is injured in midstream, that prevents you from completing your part, your time will be computed as the slowest among all participants in that route.
Each team must provide a car to transport athletes to the local exchange.

3 - Places are limited to 250 athletes.

4 - The runner will carry during the race the following equipment (required):
1 liter of drinking water, a whistle, a bandage and a mat (or blanket) for survival.

5 - The maximum time of proof on each day will be 10:30. There will be time limit at checkpoints, proportional to the distances covered.

6 - There will be crossing the checkpoint at various locations of the route.

7 - Delivery of the kit and check the equipment will be mandatory on 10/21/2011 from 14 to 19 hours at Joaquina Beach Hotel.

8 - Is there a technical conference on 10/22/2011, at 18:30, at Joaquina Beach Hotel, in Praia da Joaquina
and soon after, will be offered a pasta dinner for all athletes inscritos.Acompanhantes pay part of the value of $ 20.00. Book in advance to Luanda, through email, where payment may be made by bank deposit or withdrawal of the kit.

9 - The start of the first day will take place on October 22 at 7:00 a.m. in the south of the island, opposite the School Lupercio Belarmindo da Silva, Filomeno Baldicero Highway, No. 16 123, Caieira da Barra do Sul The second day (10/23/2011) will be at 7:00 a.m., at Praia da Joaquina. The Transportation for the start of the day will come 5:00 in front of the Joaquina Beach Hotel.
The arrival on the first day will be in Praia da Joaquina and the second day on the beach of Ponta das Canas, north of the island.

10 - On 22 and 23, there will be the "check-in at the start, including verification of required equipment and measurement of body weight. Will also be made of equipment checks on the route.

11 - Every athlete who abandon the race should report it immediately to staff the organization of evidence.

12 - The entire route will be marked with ribbons Sunderland Echo, with arrows painted on the floor at each approximately 200m and stretches of streets or roads with staff of the organization. The corridor should be alert to these signs and if perchance you are not finding any signs it should return the last, to correct the path. There will be mileage card approximately every 5km.

13 - Every athlete should provide assistance to another athlete, who by chance are injured or feeling badly or notify the organization immediately.

14 - The route in various trails and beaches that are permanent environmental reserves, so it is the duty of every athlete to preserve them, not destroying vegetation and not leaving any garbage in any way.

15 - There will be medical support and physiotherapy in the arrival of two days, and ambulances on the course. If the medical department finds that an athlete is unable to continue the race, he must abandon it.

16 - The awards ceremony and farewell dinner for all registered athletes will be on 10/23 at 18:30 at the Hotel Costa Norte Ponta das Canas. Escorts pay part of the value of $ 30.00. Book in advance to Luanda, through email, where payment may be made by bank deposit or withdrawal of the kit.

17 - the athlete will be disqualified who:
* Failure to pass any of the checkpoints
* Use any means of transport during the race to run its course.
* For diagnosed by medical evidence as having some health problem that endangers her life.

18 - The athlete will be punished by an additional 30 minutes in his final time if:
* Throw trash on beaches, trails, streets or private property.
* It is carrying some of the items of equipment required
* Do not pass by the measurement of body weight at start and finish.
* Do not provide assistance to another athlete on the course or to communicate this fact to the organization of evidence.

19 - The Beaches and Trails Challenge has the following categories by age, sex and number of participants:
To participate you must have proof of at least 18 years of age. It is considered the categories of age that the athlete will have in 2011.
Male                                 Female                              
        Trio Team 
M1 - 18 to 24 years        F1 - TM 18 to 29 years         TM: Male Trio
M2 - 25 to 29 years        F2 - 30 to 39 years TMI        TMI: Trio Mixed
M3 - 30 to 34 years        F3 - 40 to 49 years                TF:  Female Trio
M4 - 35 and 39               F4 - 50 to 59 years
M5 - 40 to 44 years        F5 - 60 years or more 
M6 - 45 to 49 years
M7 - 50 to 54 years
M8 - 55 to 59 years
M9 - 60 to 64 years
M10 - 65 to 69 years
M11 - 70 years or more  


In one day there will be:
- 3 water stations: in km 12.2km - 20.6km - 34.5km.
- 3 posts with isotonic, fruits, soft drinks and solid foods in : 17km -27km and finish line.
On the 2nd day there will be:
- 3 water stations : 17.5km, 31km and 39.5km.
- 4 stations:  isotonic, fruits, soft drinks and solid foods in: 10,8 km - 25.2km - 35.5km and and finish line.

This is a different race, where the athlete should worry about some details like:
- Preferably train on tracks that have ups and downs;
- Perform long training with the equipment that will use the day of test, especially one used to carry water;
- Seek to use a shoe suitable for trails, giving more protection to the feet and support "the stones of the road";
- Take plenty of fluids and eat other foods at service stations, especially that corridor will take longer to complete the test;
- Be prepared to complete the race in a time much larger than a proof "normal" marathon. Analyzing the results of recent years have seen the runner realizes the evidence in a rate of 1.5 to 2 times slower than a marathon with a route plan.
- Use sunscreen and a hat.

For the athlete who is enrolled staying with the evidence, the organization will be responsible for transportation of baggage up to two (identified) from first to second hotel.
Of the other athletes will move into the arrival of a hotel luggage only (2nd day of start of the race).

- T-shirt for all registered
- Medal (one each day) for the athlete to complete the step.
- Trophy for the top 5 overall male and female
- Trophy for the first 3 in each category, including Trios (Trios not compete for awards in general)
-Gifts for first overall male and female (depending on sponsors).
* Podium - March 1 from the general male and female.
* First place in each category.