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16º Revezamento Volta à Ilha ASICS 2011
April 30th 2011

The Relay Race Volta ? Ilha was created in 1996. Participatants run around the island of Florianopolis, Santa Catarina (150 km) in the shortest time possible time. The island is transformed into a running festival. Each team member picks segments from three to eleven miles to run. This type of race allows people with different fitness levels to participate. The degree of difficulty of the course varies because of the varying terrain types. They consist of hiking trails in the woods, soft sand dunes and beaches, packed dirt, asphalt, sidewalks and slopes. There aren`t montains in the city of Florianopolis, just small hills in the south of the island. At the end of the race,the team arrives at Deserted Hill of Peri, in Section 19 (South Island).

This is the route most feared in the Relay Volta ? Ilha, because the first 1000 meters is a steady climb up to an altitude of 250 meters. Then comes a very hard descent where the "muscle brakes" and body balance is required. Participate in the Relay Around the Island is always thinking collectively and in advance. The race requires from the group preparation and organization a few months before the event.

It is important that team carefully reviews the rules and be attentive to details.The route has beautiful scenery and community in Florianopolis is welcoming and polite. Respect the nature, keeping it free of undesirable trash is a constant request of the organization along the race route and also a concern of the local population. The traffic is not blocked at any time, so the runner must remain "alert" ; the same recommendation applies to drivers of the support vehicles, which should learn the regulations of the race and carefully look at the guidelines passed by the referees in the different aid stations. With global warming being a reality, the organization of the race was the first to realize, in 2007,the neutralization of greenhouse gases emitted by the competition. This attitude of responsability continued over the next years, not only in the Volta ? Ilha, but also in other events held by EcoFloripa Sports Events.

Welcome to the race that received the award in 2007,2008 & 2009 as the most admired in Brazil by O2 Magazine.

Thank you for choosing Relay Race Volta Ilha!
Event Director:
Prof. Roberto Carlos Duarte

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